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57.2× 17.2 × 22 inch





Storage Type


No of Shelves



60 Months

Product Material

Sheesham Wood

Secondary Material

Solid MDF / Plywood

Product Description

•A sturdy solid wood tv unit with diamond pattern on the eeither side of shelves adds a contemporary look.
•Its simple form and rich finish allow it to blend effortlessly with the rest of your decor
•This TV Unit is finely crafted from premium-quality engineered wood that ensures long-lasting durability of the product.
•Plenty of storage space make it the best way to streamline your media centre
•Indoor use only

Delivery and Replacement

•Our support and delivery teams will be in touch with you for a hassle-free delivery.
•Free delivery is applicable
•In absence of a service lift, our delivery partner shall only make a delivery to the ground floor of your apartment. Extra charges applicable per floor on delivery to the customer’s floor (on request) in such cases.
•We Provide The Quality Products. Every Product Goes Through A Tough Quality Check To Ensure That We Can Serve Our Best Way.
•If A Customer Wants To Claim Warranty, Share Photos And Videos Of Defect Parts, If We Find Manufacturing Issues, Defect Parts Will Be Return & Replaced, But Customers Have To Pack The Product Back In The Original Condition For Arranging The Successful Return Pickup For Replacement.
•10 Days Replacement : This Item Is Eligible For Replacement, Within 10 Days Of Delivery, In An Unlikely Event Of Damaged, Defective Or Different/Wrong Item Delivered To You. Please Keep The Item In Its Original Condition, Original Packaging, With User Manual, Warranty Cards, And Original Accessories In Manufacturer Packaging For A Successful Return Pick-Up.

Care Details

•Dust the furniture regularly.
•Wipe the wooden surface with a clean microfiber cloth damped in a wood-friendly cleanser. Immediately wipe the moisture with a dry, soft, and lint-free cloth.
•In case of a spill, blot the stain with a clean, dry cloth in a gentle manner. Please make sure you do not use coarse material or rub the spot briskly.
•Use mats and coasters before keeping any hot or cold items on the wooden surface.
•Ensure that the furniture does not have any exposure to moisture and water.
•Protect the material from direct sunlight and heat to maintain its original quality.
•Keep sharp objects away from your furniture to avoid cuts and scratches.
•Avoid chemical and alcohol contact with the furniture as it might harm the natural finish and durability of the product.
• Do not drag the furniture to relocate it, as this might weaken the joints. Instead, lift the wooden furniture if you want to move it.



Warranty Terms
•The warranty covers manufacturing/ workmanship and material defects that occur during the warranty period. The warranty applies to furniture used under normal household conditions.

•This warranty does not apply to:
•Normal wear and tear
•Cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents
•Products that have been stored, assembled or installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products. (eg upholstered furniture will lighten over time if it’s exposed to direct sunlight)
•The warranty does not cover damages due to the usage of the product beyond its intended use and wear & tear in the natural course of product usage.
•In response to seasonal climate variations, solid wood will contract and expand throughout the life of the product and is thus not warranted for this purpose. (for solid wood furniture)

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