Currently, the average modified duration in the Gilt funds category is 6.47 years. Investors need not worry about the quality of assets as the Gilt funds invest only in sovereign securities which have the highest credit quality. Investors will receive the STCG from gilt funds and will be responsible for paying the tax. The LTCG tax, on the other hand, is a flat 20% with indexation advantages.

  • Gilt funds invest in government securities, which have medium to long-term maturity periods.
  • At the time of maturity, the fund receives the principal payment along with the applicable interest.
  • In a three-to-five-month period, they can come into such kind of long-dated Gilt funds.
  • Diversifying your investments can reduce the risk of over-investment and provide a better return potential.
  • As a result, these funds can be extremely volatile in times of important economic events.

If tracking markets aren’t your thing or if you are finding it too difficult to understand, you can log ontoClearTax Invest. Invest in hand-picked funds in a hassle-free and paperless manner. What’s happening is that these covered call options, which some of these mutual funds might take, are done to increase the return on their investment. This is especially true in the case of an economy with falling interest rates since the funds generally tend to offer better interest rates than bank deposits. Mutual funds have a plethora of equity and debt schemes suited for all kind of investors.

What are gilt funds and how do they differ from other debt funds?

Even if the investor is investing for a short to medium period, gilt funds offer reasonable returns when compared to many other investment possibilities. This is a fantastic alternative for risk-averse investors difference between quotation and tender because of the low risk. Investment period – Gilt funds invest in government bonds with medium- to long-term maturities. The average maturity of this portfolio varies between three and five years.

  • This further leads to falling demand in old bonds & their prices start falling.
  • When economy is in high growth phase then these funds start giving negative returns which means losses to investors.
  • Despite the ability to generate considerable returns, even going up to 12%, gilt fund returns are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the interest rate regime.
  • The benchmark of the scheme has been revised from S&P BSE 200 Index to S&P BSE 500 Index w.e.f. May 28, 2018.

However, the operating cost of a particular fund may depend on the fund manager’s investment strategy. For instance, dynamic approach means to buy and sell securities as per the changes in the interest rate. Gilt funds are capable of generating returns as high as 12%. However, returns from gilt funds are not guaranteed and highly variable with the changes in the overall interest rates. Hence, it would be beneficial to invest in Gilt funds when the interest rates are falling. Also, when the economy as a whole faces a slump, Gilt funds are still expected to deliver higher returns than even equity funds.

Things to consider as an Investor

Also, Investors can look at the average maturity of different schemes to select the ones aligning with their investment horizon. It offer moderate returns and ensure capital preservation. In comparison to an equity fund, it offer better asset quality. The interest rate volatility offers high returns but also exposes the fund to interest rate risk. Second, gilt funds that invest with a constant maturity of 10 years, resulting in a portfolio with a Macaulay duration of 10 years.

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Investment in gilt funds require time and knowledge of bond markets and timing the entry and exit becomes difficult for investors as following up interest rates is not an easy task. When economy is in high growth phase then these funds start giving negative returns which means losses to investors. Therefore, having an expert who can guide and take care of your portfolio is necessary to earn profits on Gilt funds. Has capped the expense ratio at 2.25% for debt mutual funds to protect the interest of investors.

Other schemes managed by the fund manager

Hence, investors are advised to invest during decreasing interest rate regimes. Moreover, the expectation is that gilt funds still deliver returns higher than those of equity funds even when the economy is in a slump. A. Gilt funds are taxed as debt funds as it invests its asset in debt securities that are issued by the government. The gains from the units redeemed within the period of 36 months are taxed as STCG and the gain is added to income and taxed as per the income tax slab of the investor.

So, it could be said that we should be investing in gilt funds now. The rising demand of the previously issued securities in the market results in the scenario where these bonds start trading at higher prices and therefore the NAV of Gilt funds rises. Therefore, Gilt funds lend to the central & state governments by way of investing in the bonds issued by them. In this way, these funds are one of the safest instruments in terms of credit quality in the debt category, as the chance of a default is negligible, with respect to maturity proceeds or the coupon payments. High safety of capital-backed with the sovereign guarantee on the underlying securities makes these funds very attractive for the risk-averse investors.

Defining Gilt Funds

It can have high correlations with other securities in the same class when it affects particular security. Combined, these can lead to joint losses during severe bear markets. Low-yield investments and are conservative, which carries a low-risk factor. Modified Duration is a measure of bond prices’ sensitivity to interest rate movements. In this article, we will learn about Gilt funds, which are one such mutual debt fund. Gilt funds are usually for medium- to long-term maturities varying between years.

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Investments in government securities issued by the Central Govt. Investments in government securities issued by the Central Government and/or a State Government. A Gilt scheme that aims to generate income through investment in Gilts of various maturities. The information, product and services provided on this website are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any warranty or representation, express or implied.